Who We Are

What is Raytown Christian Church all about?

Below is the abridged version.

Our Mission

To help people say “Yes!” to Jesus. In other words, we exist to help people become faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

We believe everyone is invited to experience a Full and Abundant Life in Jesus Christ … and that kind of life is available to everyone, no exceptions.

A Full and Abundant Life Includes:

A Faith That Transforms

If your faith doesn’t change your life in positive and meaningful ways, it’s not much of a religion. We take faith development seriously because without a healthy spirituality it’s impossible to fully live.

Work That Matters

Sunday’s important to people of faith. BUT it’s NOT as important as Monday when you head off to work. You’ll spend a lot of your life at work. It’s important to you … even if you hate your job, your work matters – it puts food on your table and a roof over your head.

Your work matters because it’s there you get to put your faith into practice. Your work is your ministry. It’s your testimony. It’s a part of who you are.

We take work seriously and put many of our resources into helping one another and our community work well.

A Family to Belong to

Belongingness is a human necessity. We need each other. No one can do this alone. You may already have a great family … or you may be like many of us who wasn’t dealt the functional family card. In today’s world, the definition of family goes way beyond our bio-fam. Friends, colleagues, mentors, and more find their way into our circle to encourage us along the way.

We believe every church is friendly, including Raytown Christian. However, being friendly simply isn’t enough today. To live fully and abundantly we need friends to come alongside us in our faith journey and in our lives. Raytown Christian Church isn’t just a church. We’re not another social club. We’re committed to being more than friendly … we’re looking to make new friends.

Our Core Culture

What it’s like to be a part of Raytown Christian Church.

RCC is a safe place to explore Christianity, to wrestle with doubt, to wonder, and to disagree agreeably.

RCC is serious about our commitments, but we’re just as serious about having a good time.

RCC integrates faith with life. We pray, we read scripture, we work hard to order our lives around our faith, but we’re not obnoxious about it.
Our beliefs are meant to be integrated into our lives, not worn as a badge of honor or garnered as a weapon.

RCC loves the people Jesus loves: One Another; Our Neighbors; Our Enemies; and we love Ourselves.

RCC takes the Great Commission and the Great Commandments seriously.

Raytown Christian Church

6108 Blue Ridge Blvd, Raytown, MO 64133