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Where Have All the Miracles Gone?

Where Have All the Miracles Gone? When was the last time you saw a genuine, 100 percent, real-deal miracle? If you’re like most folks, you’ve just mused, “Nope. Never.” And yet, people claim they see miracles all the time. Are they mistaken? Simpletons? Superstitious?  So, what’s a miracle? Apparently, it depends on what you define […]Read more »


Boo! The month of October is a bit of a mixed bag in our culture. The stores are filled with fall pumpkins and Halloween masks, but then there are the rows of Christmas decorations too. The juxtaposition of the two … the “holy” with the “unholy” makes for a perfect opportunity for the church to […]Read more »

Raytown Main Street Trunk or Treat Event HERE!

Raytown Main Street Association City Wide Trunk-or-Treat Event Halloween Night promises to be ‘specially spooky and all sorts of fun at the Raytown Christian Church. The Raytown Main Street Association will be sponsoring and hosting the first annual City Trunk-or-Treat event in the Raytown Christian Church’s parking lot. Halloween Night: Rain or Shine Wednesday, October […]Read more »

The Evils of Money … Not

The Evils of Money … Not! The church has a reputation for being anti-wealth … or at least anti-wealthy. “Money’s the root of all evil” “It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than the wealthy …” “Give everything you own to the poor and follow me.” Misquotes and out-of-context […]Read more »

Can I Get a Witness?

Can I Get a Witness? There’s a saying that goes, “Integrity is what you do when no one is looking.” I suppose there’s some truth to that. But for someone who claims to be a Jesus-follower, that’s not enough. Everyday we live our lives. We make decisions. We have conversations. We live. But it’s not […]Read more »
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