Discipleship Pathway

What’s Next?

  • What if you want to go deeper?
  • What if worship is good, but it’s not enough?
  • What if you aren’t sure what’s next?

Raytown Christian Church developed the Discipleship Pathway to answer those questions. It’s a step-by-step path that lets you decide where you are on your faith walk and gives you an idea on what you can do to take the next step.

The Discipleship Pathway isn’t a mandated path. There aren’t any prerequisites. But we’ve found that it’s a good place to start if you find yourself wondering “just how do I deepen my walk and commitment to Jesus?”

Getting Acquainted Lunch

The Getting Acquainted Lunch is a two hour introduction to what we believe it means to be the church. You’ll learn what we believe about the faith. You’ll learn who we are as a church. You’ll find out where we’re going. And you’ll find it a safe place to ask your questions. We offer Getting Acquainted every month or two on Sundays immediately following Soul’d Out Worship (in other words, at about 11:45). We provide lunch and childcare. Check the Calendar for the next Getting Acquainted Lunch.

Interested? Make your reservation below or through the church office: office@raytowncc.org or (816) 353-1708.

Directions Discipleship Course

The Directions Discipleship Course is an 18 week experience in deepening your faith walk with the Lord. Each week you’ll meet one-on-one with a mentor who will walk with you as you explore your faith and help you establish exceptional spiritual habits.

Over the 18 weeks, you’ll visit (or revisit) the basics such as who is God, scratch the surface into some advanced theology, and explore good discipleship habits as well.

Interested? Make your reservation below or through the church office: office@raytowncc.org or (816) 353-1708.

Develop Your Faith

Develop your discipleship walk by getting involved in ministry, study, and making connections in any or all of these opportunities:

  • Sunday School Classes
  • Music Ministry
  • Bible & Discipleship Wednesday Night Classes
  • Men’s Breakfast Fellowship
  • Men’s Challenge Breakfast
  • Christian Women’s Fellowship
  • Hands-on Ministry: Thursday Hub (Abundant Living Ministry); Raytown Summer Lunch Ministry, etc.

Interested? Check the Calendar or contact the church office: office@raytowncc.org or (816) 353-1708.

Going Deeper

Life Groups

Faithful discipleship is not a solo sport—it takes a village to raise up an effective and faithful follower of Jesus Christ. If you’re ready to invest your life in discipleship, then becoming a member of a Life Group is your next step. These groups of six to twelve people meet weekly in home, in restaurants, and other informal settings to share life together and to apply the practices of faith-filled life. New groups start regularly.

Interested? Contact the church office: office@raytowncc.org or (816) 353-1708.

Personal Accountability Partnership

If you’re ready for real life change, then we invite you to be a part of a Personal Accountability Partnership. PAP’s are micro-groups of two to three men or two to three women who meet weekly to hold one another accountable for living a faithful and faith-filled life. These groups are not for the semi-committed, but for those who want to experience a long-term life transformation.

Interested? Contact the church office: office@raytowncc.org or (816) 353-1708.


An internship at Raytown Christian Church is the ultimate step in Christian development. Limited to those who understand and are committed to becoming a model of Christian leadership in every aspect of their life. These few hearty men and women enter a mentorship program led by the Senior Minister and core leaders.

Interested? Contact Dr. Bill at drbill@raytowncc.org.

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