Who We Are – Cliff Notes Version

What is Raytown Christian Church all about? Here's the abridged version.

Our Mission: What we're trying to accomplish.

To help people say "Yes!" to Jesus. In other words, we exist to help people become faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Values: Where we put our priorities.

Welcome: Everyone is welcome. Period. No exceptions.

Ordination: Everyone is ordained by God to make a difference in the world. Everyone. No exceptions.

Relevance: What good is communicating good news if the people who need it most can't understand and can't relate to the message? We are committed to clear, current, and relevant communication.

Discipleship: It's not about what you know, it's about what you do, say, the attitude you carry, and how you behave. Everything we do is designed to help people become for faithful, practicing disciples.

WORD: We turn to the Bible as our guide for faith and practice. 

Our Vision: What the community would look like when we're accomplishing our mission.

  • We believe that God created every person to achieve a full, meaningful, successful, and abundant life. Therefore ... 
  • We come alongside people to help them reach their full, God-given potential spiritually, relationally, and vocationally.
  • We do that by encouraging one-on-one mentoring, group support, and community encouragement. 

As people in a neighborhood and community support each other in reaching their greatest potential, real, measurable, and permanent change follows. 

  • To create transformed hearts, we depend on our Directions Discipleship Course to help people say "Yes!" to Jesus throughout their lives. We're so committed to the DDC that we require all our leaders to complete the course and mentor someone else through the course. 
  • To create a transformed community, we depend on the Abundant Living Ministry to help people experience God's promised full, meaningful, successful, and abundant life

Our Core Culture: What it's like to be a part of Raytown Christian Church.

RCC is a safe place to explore Christianity, to wrestle with doubt, to wonder, and to disagree agreeably.

RCC is serious about our commitments, but we're just as serious about having a good time.

RCC integrates faith with life. We pray, we read scripture, we work hard to order our lives around our faith, but we're not obnoxious about it. Our beliefs are meant to be integrated into our lives, not worn as a badge of honor or garnered as a weapon.

RCC loves the people Jesus loves: One Another; Our Neighbors; Our Enemies; and Ourselves.

RCC takes the Great Commission and the Great Commandments seriously.