Who We Are – Cliff Notes Version

What is Raytown Christian Church all about? Here’s the abridged version.

Our Mission: What we’re trying to accomplish.

To help people say “Yes!” to Jesus. In other words, we exist to help people become faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Values: Where we put our priorities.

Excellence: God deserves our best in everything.

Spiritually Centered: We’re a church, not a business. Our faith informs everything we do.

Mentorships: Everyone needs someone to walk with them and help them become all they can be.

Welcome: Everyone is welcome. Period. No exceptions.

No One Left Behind: We won’t let people fall between the cracks.

Our Vision: What the community would look like when we’re accomplishing our mission.

We are Raytown’s “Bless You!” church. When people think about our members and our church, they will remember how they were blessed.

  • We bless people with our outreach projects such as the Summer Lunch program, the Food Pantry, Embracing Education, etc.
  • We bless people by praying with them when they need prayer.
  • We bless people by our infectious positive, encouraging, can-do attitude.
  • We bless people by spending time with them.
  • We bless people by the ways we listen and care.
  • We bless people by helping them say “Yes!” to Jesus in every area of their lives.

Our Core Culture: What it’s like to be a part of Raytown Christian Church.

RCC is a safe place to explore Christianity, to wrestle with doubt, to wonder, and to disagree agreeably.

RCC is serious about our commitments, but we’re just as serious about having a good time.

RCC integrates faith with life. We pray, we read scripture, we work hard to order our lives around our faith, but we’re not obnoxious about it. Our beliefs are meant to be integrated into our lives, not worn as a badge of honor or garnered as a weapon.

RCC loves the people Jesus loves: One Another; Our Neighbors; Our Enemies; and Ourselves.

RCC takes the Great Commission and the Great Commandments seriously.