Who We Are

What is Raytown Christian Church all about?

Below is the abridged version.

Our Mission

To help people say “Yes!” to Jesus. In other words, we exist to help people become faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Values

Our values are how we prioritize the work we do in the church and in the community. They are found in the acronym WORD.

WORD: We teach that the Bible is God’s instruction manual for living full and abundant lives. We encourage our leaders, our members, and pretty much everyone else to read it (especially the New Testament).

Welcome: Everyone is welcome at Raytown Christian Church. No exceptions. Period.

Ordination: Ordination is typically a “church” word. It means set aside. We believe God has gifted and set aside each person to serve in a particular job that is not only meaningful, but makes a difference in the world. At Raytown Christian Church we’re committed to helping our leaders, our members, and pretty much everyone else to discover their purpose in life and help them to achieve it. This is the heart of our Abundant Living Ministry.

Relevance: The Bible, Christianity, and the Church shouldn’t be hard to understand – it should be an “open book” to everyone, even to those who have never been to church. At Raytown Christian Church we are committed to communicating the truths of all three in language people can understand, and in deeds that make it clear we believe what we say.

Discipleship: Here’s another “church” word. A disciple is someone who is learning to follow the teachings of Jesus. Because we believe Jesus is the author of a full and abundant life, we teach and practice following his teachings to the best of our ability.

Our Vision

When someone says, “Yes!” to following Jesus, it’s only the first step into a life-long journey that culminates in full and abundant living.

Step 1 is to help people discover and to implement what it means to be a disciple … a follower … of Jesus. We do this through our worship, our small groups, through our Directions Discipleship Course, and through our mentoring ministry.

Step 2 is to help people experience full and abundant living. Our Abundant Living Ministry has been designed to teach people

  1. To experience a full and meaningful personal life
  2. To experience strong and stable families
  3. To experience satisfying and successful careers

The more successful we are at helping people experience that kind of living, the more successful we will be as a church in fulfilling our mission of helping people to say “Yes!” to Jesus.

Our Core Culture

What it’s like to be a part of Raytown Christian Church.

RCC is a safe place to explore Christianity, to wrestle with doubt, to wonder, and to disagree agreeably.

RCC is serious about our commitments, but we’re just as serious about having a good time.

RCC integrates faith with life. We pray, we read scripture, we work hard to order our lives around our faith, but we’re not obnoxious about it.
Our beliefs are meant to be integrated into our lives, not worn as a badge of honor or garnered as a weapon.

RCC loves the people Jesus loves: One Another; Our Neighbors; Our Enemies; and Ourselves.

RCC takes the Great Commission and the Great Commandments seriously.