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At a meeting the other night there was a brief discussion about the need for better communication about upcoming events.   As sometimes can happen in any group, there had been some lack of communication – or as the old saying goes, “the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing”. The discussion wasn’t […]Read more »

101 Ways You Can Help Grow Your Church

A book in progress by Dr. Bill Available Chapters (PDF Files) … please let me know if you find typos! Read Me First (Preface, Introduction, etc.) The Joy of Mondays Church Bulletin (in our case, Sermon Worksheet & Digging Deeper Bible Study) Don’t Invite Anyone to Church The Business of Church Define What’s Really Good […]Read more »

Easter Sunday: What was Jesus Up To?

Although Easter isn’t a part of Holy Week, it seemed odd to quit on Saturday with Jesus still in the grave. Just what was Jesus up to on Easter Sunday?Read more »

Holy Saturday: What was Jesus Up To?

Jesus is dead and buried. If he had been a political figure, he might have laid in state all day. But no, he was laid in a stone tomb. Except for a dead person, he was very, very busy. Here is the link to the Easter Vigil readings: https://bit.ly/2020EasterVigilRead more »

Holy Friday: What was Jesus Up To?

Holy Friday, better known as Good Friday, is an odd sort of day. Why do we call it good? And what was really going on?Read more »
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