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It All Begins with Google

It All Begins with Google  Seminar Leader: Ben Seidel, CEO & Founder of Igniting Business   Synopsis: What good is a website that looks good, but can’t be found easily on search engines for your targeted keywords? Ben Seidel, CEO & Founder of Igniting Business (IgnitingBusiness.com), will guide you through the basics of website SEO (Search […]Read more »

Biz Etiquette 101, Lesson 03

Biz Etiquette: Lesson 03 – 7 Steps to Introducing a Speaker I attend biz functions virtually every week. And virtually every week, I get to listen to a guest speaker. And that means that, virtually every week, I get to hear someone introduce a guest speaker. And over 90 percent of the time, the introducer […]Read more »

Biz Etiquette 101, Lesson 02

Biz Etiquette, Lesson #2 It was awkward. We were at an early evening meet-n-greet with the Chamber and I’d been making the rounds greeting colleagues and friends. I took the time to introduce myself to one or two people I didn’t know and then sequestered myself off to one side to watch the crowd for […]Read more »

Biz Etiquette 101, Lesson 01

Biz Etiquette: Lesson 01 I couldn’t remember her name for the life of me, and she wasn’t wearing the requisite name badge. I was at a biz networking event, so the point of being there was to get to know each other and what mission we represented. There was no dodging a conversation … besides […]Read more »
Productive Conversations

It’s All About Perspective

It's All About Perspective Whether you’re an employee or an employer … Whether you’re a customer or a customer-service rep … … you’re going to have to deal with difficult conversations.  Those kinds of conversations far too often devolve into less than congenial talks, but they don’t need to. When you find yourself needing to […]Read more »
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