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Whatever Happened to the American Dream?

Tina Cochran, our Abundant Living Staff Leader, came across the following article from the MetroVoice. She found it intriguing. I agree and think it’s worth a read … Read More I’d love to hear your thoughts in the Comments section below …Read more »

The Most Important Day of the Week

I heard a pastor preaching recently and listened while he entreated his church members to be more faithful and consistent in their Sunday worship attendance. I was right there with him, agreeing with his words, right up until he suggested: For a Christian, Sunday is the most important day of the week. I appreciated his […]Read more »

Good, Better, Best

At the start of every year there’s a prevailing Be All That You Can Be theme that merchants and magazines alike jump on. Virtually every marketing campaign for virtually every product carries the message, “You can be better.” The desire to be more is ingrained in our culture. However, that desire goes deeper than the […]Read more »

The Flight of the Wild Goose

One of the most delightful things I experience every year during our St. Patrick’s day revelry is a taste of Celtic Christianity. The Celtic Christians, led by St. Patrick, stood in stark contrast to their Roman Catholic counterparts (although Celtic Christianity was a part of Roman Catholicism, their ways were significantly different. For one, the […]Read more »

Your Personal Board of Directors

According to the Six Degrees of Separation Principle, any two people in the world can be connected through just six people. You know someone who knows someone who knows the person you’re trying to connect with. Although it’s yet to be mathematically proven, there’s enough anecdotal evidence to suggest it’s an accurate theorem. If nothing […]Read more »
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